Giving Compass' Take:

· Writing for the GuideStar Blog, Jen Bokoff and Gabe Cohen explain how GuideStar tested the waters and partnered with Foundation Center to become Candid and what that means for you. 

· How can other nonprofit organizations partner to create more change? What does this mean for philanthropists? 

· Learn more about Candid

Over the years, starting around GuideStar’s inception in 1994, a colorful cast of characters (from past leaders to long-time program officers to students learning about the sector for the first time) wondered why Foundation Center and GuideStar were in fact separate. Our organizations seemed to be working toward analogous (or at least complementary) missions. And, in parallel, staff regularly observed that our stakeholders—be they training attendees, database-hunters for grants, or those looking for funding gaps and partnerships to capitalize on—conflated the two organizations, which muddled the information-finding landscape. In 2012, the organizations more formally investigated the idea of joining forces and decided it wasn’t the right time—combining operations could be a good idea at some point, but not then.

In the years since, we have tested the waters. We partnered on various projects to see how efficiently and effectively we could work together. We shared the costs of obtaining and posting nonprofit data; we collaborated on an ID system for entities working to promote social good; we led conversations about the importance of using data to drive smarter work.

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