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· Writing for YES! Magazine, Ian Reilly explains how activists are using unconventional strategies to spread awareness around social justice ideas. 

· How has social media catalyzed this approach to address social issues? 

· Check out this article to learn how social media is helping bring about social change

Last fall, The New York Times announced the death of one of the world’s most celebrated and irreverent media hoaxers: “Alan Abel, Hoaxer Extraordinaire, Is (on Good Authority) Dead at 94.” For a public satirist who had once falsely announced his own death (published by the Times in 1980), news of his passing was met with some initial skepticism. But mostly, the public expressed their sadness along with their appreciation for Abel’s life and work.

Abel had, after all, enjoyed a 50-year career as a professional media hoaxer, hoodwinking journalists and the public on issues as diverse as the indecency of naked animals, the art and craft of panhandling, and the mass fainting of television audiences.

In their tribute, the Yes Men, an influential media activist group, refer to Abel “as the undisputed master of modern media pranks.” They call Abel their inspiration and describe him as a political commentator engaged in mischief-making to reveal uncomfortable truths about the society in which he lived.

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