Myeasha Taylor, Urban Farming Specialist, will be speaking at the Washington D.C. Food Tank Summit, “Cultivating the Next Generation of Young Food Leaders,” which will be held in partnership with George Washington University, World Resources Institute, the National Farmers Union, Future Farmers of America, and the National Young Farmers Coalition on February 28, 2018.

Since graduating from Morgan State University in 2012, Taylor dedicated herself to combating food insecurity and strengthening the local food economy. She has seven years of experience teaching youth, adult, and special needs populations about nutrition, urban agriculture, entrepreneurship, and volunteerism in Washington, D.C. In 2016, Taylor co-founded Two Moons Food Group LLP, an enterprise aiming to improve the conditions of food, farmers, and the food system. She consults with emerging and existing food businesses to help them develop and execute their  ideas. She also serves as a member of the Circle of Wise Council for Black Yield Institute and Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Incorporated.

Food Tank: How are you helping to build a better food system?

Taylor: I seek to increase my understanding and participation in the local food system, whether through consulting with emerging food businesses, training beginner farmers, or learning how to grow produce in urban areas with poor soil and disinterested populations. I’ve found that my natural curiosity helps me understand how food insecurity, economic development, health education, and politics overlap.

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