Giving Compass' Take:

· B the Change emphasizes the importance of mindfulness and self-compassion when feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. To build a better future, start with self-care and getting a good night of rest. 

· Why is it important to have time for self-care and mindfulness? How can these practices be applied in the workplace?

· Here's more on mindfulness and self-compassion

Our thoughts can keep us up at night and drag us down during the day. While it’s human nature to think ahead about our to-do’s or dwell on past mistakes, we also know deep down that we don’t have control over either. All we can control our present mindset.

Changing our minds is like changing our habits, and it’s hard work, as businesses in the Certified B Corporation community know. These companies choose now to work for good — for people, planet and other stakeholders — so things will be better in the future.

By resetting our thoughts on the present, we actually can build a brighter future — and, finally, get a better night’s sleep.

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