Giving Compass Take:

· New York announces the end of the Renewal turnaround program which Mayor Bill de Blasio had acclaimed would turnaround 100 of the lowest performing New York City schools. The new approach will incorporate elements of the Renewal turnaround program.

· What will happen to the schools still in the Renewal turnaround program? What is different about the new approach?

· Read more on New York City's education initiatives.

After making an ambitious promise to rapidly turn around nearly 100 of New York City’s lowest performing schools, Mayor Bill de Blasio acknowledged Tuesday that after four years, almost $800 million, and a mixed record of success, a new approach is needed.

That new approach, it turns out, looks a lot like the old one.

City officials said its latest school-improvement strategy will borrow from many of the elements of the Renewal turnaround program, one of de Blasio’s highest-profile and most controversial education initiatives.

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