Giving Compass' Take:

• Philanthropy New Zealand lists nine conversation topics for future discussions charitable giving and grantmaking. 

• How are these giving conversations driving progress in philanthropy? 

• Read about philanthropy's moment of reckoning. 

There are at least nine conversations which Philanthropy New Zealand sees happening internationally and locally as philanthropists and grantmakers think about the challenges of doing more and doing better. What’s your take on these crucial conversations?

  1. Transformation: Grantmakers are increasingly focussed on tackling the causes as well as the symptoms of social and environmental challenges.
  2. The power of venture philanthropy: We have enormous freedom to invest in innovative ideas to tackle social issues. We can take the risks needed to help start and test responses to social need.
  3. High engagement: Everything philanthropy funds is implemented by others, so we have a vested interest in helping those groups be the best they can be.
  4. Diversity: How can we go from diversity (‘counting heads’) to inclusion (‘heads that count’)?
  5. Relationships with Mana Whenua: Some grantmakers are responding to the compelling evidence that the system is failing Māori in areas like health, justice, and education. We can focus on powerful examples of Māori self-determination and community development.
  6. Impact investing: There is growing evidence that investment activities can be an effective tool for achieving our mission alongside grantmaking.
  7. Participation, transparency, and power: An unequal relationship is inconsistent with our values and creates barriers to crucial conversations about success.
  8. Funder burden and sustainability: Are we eroding or contributing to sustainability?
  9. Growth trends for giving in New Zealand: Community foundations are closing in on nationwide coverage, and experience internationally suggests that funds under management and distributions will scale-up significantly. Corporate giving will continue to rise as the focus on community, meaning, and contribution goes well beyond social enterprise to all parts of the business world.

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