Giving Compass' Take:

• Thomas Bognanno at Forbes writes on his own experiences witnessing the effects of drug addiction and how this epidemic has crossed over into the workforce and should be addressed immediately. 

• What can donors, business owners and members in our local communities, do to address this significant problem? How can we understand the underlying issues that can lead to drug addiction? 

• If you are looking for a more humane solution to the drug epidemic, click here. 

Drug overdoses are a leading cause of death for Americans, killing 63,600 people per year -- that’s an average of 174 Americans every day. If you think your workplace is untouched by this epidemic of addiction, think again. Abuse of tobacco, alcohol and drugs costs more than $740 billion annually in crime, work productivity and health care-related expenses. Think about how that impacts your company’s results, recruitment and retention strategy.

I’ve spent my entire career 35+ year career fighting disease, including my current role as CEO for an organization that partners with the nation’s top health nonprofits to raise awareness and financial resources. However, I also lead a talented team in my own organization and feel personally obligated to do everything I can to address this devastating addiction crisis.

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