Giving Compass' Take:

· Writing for Global Citizen, Chris Castro shares his concerns about the progression of climate change and its threats, but explains that he is still hopeful because meaningful solutions are being developed and implemented by powerful forces. 

· How can these solutions be brought to scale? What are the potential threats of climate change? What are some of the challenges we face when addressing climate change? 

· Here's how we can overcome the challenges of addressing climate change.

As a second-generation Cuban-American, I was fortunate to grow up in Miami with a unique connection to the environment. My parents owned a palm tree farm and in my free time, if my hands weren’t working in the soil, I’d be out surfing the coastline with friends or exploring the beauties of Biscayne Bay.

That indelible connection to our land and our sea is what led me toward a career in environmental science and policy creating social entreprises, organizations, coalitions, and local solutions that advance cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable communities. Today, as the head of the City of Orlando’s urban sustainability and resiliency initiatives, I work to implement policies and programs that push the city and its community partners forward in a more environmentally friendly way.

Climate change poses serious threats to our health and well-being, as well as to the planet. And based on the science, our window of time to act keeps shrinking. Here in Florida, the sea level is rising and causing coastal and inland flooding, even on sunny days; the summers are warmer and longer; storms and hurricanes are more intense; and there are significant concerns over salt water intrusion into the freshwater now serving 8 million people in the South Florida region. Climate scientists are already predicting that, by 2050, roughly 2.5 million South Floridians could be displaced due to sea-level rise and diminishing water supply if more isn’t done soon to reduce the warming of the Earth.

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