Giving Compass' Take:

• Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy shares advice for educators preparing for the end of affirmative action, which the Trump administration has stripped from college admissions. 

• How can funders support students of color and the educators who serve them? 

• Learn more about the implications of ending affirmative action.

It is clear that schools must continue to offer equitable opportunities to all students, but the Trump administration is threatening to take legal action against universities that continue to practice affirmative action in admissions.

In July, the administration announced that it was ending the Obama-era approach to affirmative action in colleges and universities, despite research showing that campuses with diverse populations have more civic-minded student bodies and are more effective in educating students.

In light of the current discourse surrounding affirmative action, K-12 teachers and school counselors must be prepared to be upfront with students of color about some of the obstacles in their paths. Teachers and counselors should be transparent about the fact that students will likely encounter racism and sexism on many college campuses. Better still, they should be actively preparing students for these encounters.

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