Giving Compass' Take:

• In this piece, the United Nations Foundations announces a new series called "Protectors of Progress" which will dive into inspiring stories of individuals who are working towards sustainable development goals.

• How can donors support these examples of sustainable development? How can we inspire this kind of motivation in other individuals?

• To learn how the United Nations is embracing technology for good, click here.

If you’re looking for a dose of motivation, look no further. We’re launching a series about action.

2019 will be a pivotal year for advancing global progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). From achieving zero hunger to protecting life on land, the SDGs offer a roadmap toward a more prosperous, peaceful, and healthier future.

That’s why every month, we’re going to highlight the stories of everyday individuals across the globe who are stepping up in their communities to help realize the promise of the SDGs. These are today’s #ProtectorsofProgress, and they moving the world forward even in times of division and challenge. From raising awareness about malaria solutions to harnessing the power of technology for good, learn how people just like you are making a global impact — and then join us in protecting progress.

Check back in with us every month and follow the hashtag #ProtectorsofProgress to learn about individuals across the globe who are stepping up in their own communities to help achieve the SDGs.

In the meantime, share our video and learn how you can get involved in 2019.

Read the full article about Protectors of Progress by Chandler Green and MJ Altman at United Nations Foundation