Giving Compass' Take:

• Global Health NOW highlights a recent global report showing a rise in research funding for neglected diseases, however there could be a debate over it's validity. 

• How can disease funders examine their own data and evaluate their contributions? What specific areas or diseases are lacking the most funding?

Here's an article on how to find and fund scientific research. 

Funding for neglected diseases that afflict some 1 billion people reached a record high in 2017, commanding $3.6 billion. That’s a 7% jump from 2017 and the most since 2007, according to a new report from Sydney-based think tank Policy Cures Research.

More funding for drugs tackling multiple diseases at once and promising developments for Ebola drugs fueled much of the 2017 surge, Nature reported. A handful of top public sector funders dominated the shift, including the US and India. UK funding rose 89%.

But there were data gaps: The researchers noted that they didn’t have numbers on contributions from Russia and China, BBC reported.

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