Giving Compass' Take:

• Jeffrey R. Young, writing for EdSurge, interviews Mitchell Stevens, a Stanford University professor, about the future of higher education as entrepreneurs and foundations are working on innovating the industry. 

• How are innovations in learning experiences disrupting traditional models of higher education? 

• Here are five ideas for education innovation in 2019. 

Plenty of groups these days are trying to reinvent college, and that’s not surprising at a time when higher ed is under fire for ever-rising costs, ballooning student debt and even questions about the value of a degree.

On one hand, entrepreneurs and foundations are rushing to offer higher education via new models and price points. Meanwhile, college researchers and innovators are diving into learning science and experimenting with new teaching methods. But those groups don’t always talk to each other, or even know what the others are working on.

This week for the podcast, we’re talking with someone who’s trying to build more “connective tissue” between academia and industry when it comes to reinventing college.

That guest is Mitchell Stevens, a Stanford University professor who is the director of the Center for Advanced Research Through Online Learning. He describes the higher-ed landscape today as an entrepreneurial and philanthropic Wild West—exciting, but also full of tough challenges such as how to safeguard privacy as data and algorithms become central to learning.

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