Giving Compass' Take:

• AVPN is acting as an accelerator for climate action by increasing capital for climate change issues and investing in collective efforts to address global warming. 

• What are you doing in your community to address climate change? Do you see collaboration as an avenue for change? 

• Read about how funding coalitions can help drive progress in climate action. 

Climate change cannot be tackled alone. Many are joining new and old voices to make an impact. These include membership organisation AVPN, who together with the Growald Family Fund (GFF) and other members, are looking at catalysing this movement.

While climate change has historically not been top-of-mind for social investors in Asia, AVPN is acting as an ‘accelerator’ of action.  It is motivating its members to increase the capital available to fight climate change, emphasising the power of collective efforts. ‘At AVPN, we are putting this topic up front as we recognise the need not only to cover the breath of investment approaches, but also the depth in social causes. As part of our Breaking Boundaries theme at the AVPN Conference 2019, addressing climate action will be a big part of the agenda’, Caroline McLaughlin, Director of Partnerships, AVPN

The Growald Family Fund is one of these ‘accelerators’ they are working with. Its mission is to catalyse climate innovation and leadership through venture philanthropy.

GFF´s approach has three pillars, which deeply complement and reinforce each other:

  • Collaboration: From experience it knows that one of the most powerful tools for change is collaboration. It is dedicated to engaging in and supporting deep partnerships and networks with other funders, think tanks, nonprofits, and academic institutions.
  • Venture Philanthropy Portfolio: It identifies and funds a portfolio of grantees based on a venture philanthropy model. Through this, it provides multi-year core funding coupled with business planning and management support.
  • Furthering the Field: It funds key research and often supports/hosts convening and networking events to promote strategic discussions.

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