Giving Compass' Take:

· According to Schoology's 2019 State of Digital Learning report, access to digital devices and reliable internet outside of school is one of the biggest obstacles facing student learning. 

· What is the best way to provide students with access to reliable internet and digital devices outside of the classroom? Why is this technology important to have at home? 

· Here's more on students' digital access outside the classroom and how districts are trying to close the homework gap

Digital devices and content can expand student learning in multiple ways, breaking down the barriers to accessing information and creating limitless, lifelong learning opportunities.

However, educators can find that maintaining devices and students' access to learning sites add another challenge to their day, even if they have tech support at their school or in their district. As anyone who has had to troubleshoot an ailing piece of tech or wonder why they can’t gain access to a web site can attest, this is a level of frustration that no educator needs (or has time) to shoulder.

Even creating lesson plans and curriculum that take advantage of technology is challenging. As the Schoology study uncovered, not every student has access to devices at home, with a remarkable 41% of teachers naming that as one of the biggest barriers to student learning in schools with device programs.

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