Giving Compass' Take:

• Heidi Anguria describes how medical professionals in Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh are preparing  for the worst of monsoon season. 

• What are longterm solutions to the problem of monsoon season in Bangladesh?

• Learn about four things you can do to support refugees

We are working on a big effort to prepare the camp for the rainy season and to make it as safe as possible. The rainfall has increased already but it’s not the time for rubber boots yet.

In a race against time, daily attempts are made to make the accommodation safer and to build enough waterholes and latrines.

There have already been ten landslides. There has been injured and unfortunately dead. People who lived in the most dangerous areas have been moved but there is not enough available land that can be made habitable.

Together with the rainy season, the probability of disease outbreaks such as extreme diarrhoea increases.

We have prepared special treatment centres and, of course, the cholera vaccination campaign should help prevent an outbreak. However, for now, everything is under control.

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