Hosting an event is a great way for nonprofit organizations to increase people’s awareness of their mission and bring in necessary funds to contribute to that mission. However, Covid-related restrictions in some areas continue to limit the scope or size of in-person events.

Fortunately, you don’t have to call off events entirely—many nonprofits have seen great success in moving their events online. To help you take your event into the digital realm, we asked the members of Forbes Nonprofit Council for their insights. Their best answers are below.

  1. Keep Your Audience In Mind
  2. Consider The Participant Experience
  3. Leverage Local Community Partners
  4. Have A Plan To Keep People Engaged
  5. Encourage Audience Participation
  6. Keep The Event Short
  7. Have An Outreach And Promotion Plan
  8. Ask For Help From Experts
  9. Know What Your Audience Needs
  10. Make It Varied And Fast-Paced
  11. Buy Into The Enthusiasm For Your Event
  12. Be Realistic
  13. Plan Out Elements Of Your Event Goals
  14. Get Advice From Others Who Have Done It
  15. Don't Plan It Like A Live Event

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