I am amazed by the reaction of some nonprofit leaders when faced with a budget shortfall.  If you want greater, more reliable funding for your nonprofit, you must get strategic. A transformative financial model assessment uncovers how all aspects of the organization contribute to or detract from money flowing through the doors. It analyzes the financial impact of 7 areas of the organization, like this:

Does your nonprofit have a long-term strategy that integrates money, programs and operations?

2.Mission and Vision
Does your nonprofit have clear, compelling vision and mission statements? The two statements must articulate the very essence of why your nonprofit exists.

3.Board and Staff Leadership
Does your board have the skills, experience and networks necessary to execute on your strategic plan? Are they engaged and invested?

4. Program Delivery and Impact
As a nonprofit you have two sets of “customers.” Those you serve (or your “clients”), and those who fund those services (or your “donors”). Without a compelling and effective delivery of services to clients, donors won’t fund those services.

5. Marketing and Communications
Do you make a compelling case for your work and for support of it?

6. External Partnerships
In order to move the mission forward and in order to attract funders, volunteers, advocates you must be strategic about building alliances that make sense.

7. Financial Model
Does your funding mix fit well with your mission and core competencies? Are there other revenue streams that make sense to pursue? Are there fundraising activities that are actually costly rather than profitable?

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