Giving Compass' Take:

• Salesforce employees share how corporate social responsibility at the company transcends to personal social responsibility (PSR) and offers three ways to motivate stakeholders. 

• Are other companies focusing on PSR and how effective it is at increasing engagement in CSR? 

• Read about the new era of corporate social responsibility.

At, we believe that the business of business is to improve the state of of the world. This applies to our corporate responsibility to the communities we live and work in and beyond, to our personal social responsibility (PSR). With the PSR model, employees drive their own social good footprint and the employer follows their lead.

Corporate giving is being democratized like many other aspects of our lives. The time of the CEO as chief fundraiser and nonprofits as opaque do-gooders are long over. This is an era of community-generated impact.  In this next generation, a new integrated model of corporate philanthropy is emerging where employees are empowered to help drive social impact and determine where their time and money should be spent.

As purpose-driven companies, it is our responsibility to make this shift simple, effective and fun for our employees. So how can we innovate to embrace the PSR [Personal Social Responsibility] revolution?

There are three simple ways to drive this innovation through levels of stakeholders within your company:

  • Innovate from within
  • Innovate how you give
  • Innovate through impact

If the business of business is to truly improve the state of the world, then shifting to PSR is pivotal to how you get there.

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