Giving Compass' Take:

• Diane Mapes explains why many global breast cancer initiatives fail and how they can be built for impact.  

• What information do funders need to gather to build better breast cancer programs? Can existing be improved? 

• Learn how to fund cancer research.

Each October in the U.S., women are accustomed to hearing messages about early detection and breast cancer awareness. But what’s the best way to raise breast cancer awareness in countries with no mammogram machines and few cancer treatment centers?

A common error is to package up a bunch of mammography equipment and ship it off to some country where it sits in the corner because you don’t have the infrastructure to make it relevant.

What’s more relevant is implementing a tailored triage approach based on the resources that are available. How does a team of scientists even begin to put together an action plan for a country mired in health care holdups?

It starts by putting together a crack team of collaborators. Usually, the first order of business when implementing change in a country’s breast health management system is conducting an assessment.

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