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· Global Citizen discusses the threats of climate change, the lack of action taken to curb its effects, and how activist Greta Thunberg is working to spread awareness about the issue and make a big change. 

· What does this show about the new generation of activist? Does this story inspire other youths to act on major issues like climate change? 

· Here's more on the topic of climate change and Thunberg's efforts.

Greta Thunberg gave up air travel because planes emit astronomical amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. She skips class every Friday to protest, even though she loves school, because of Sweden’s failure to live up to the Paris climate agreement. And the 16-year-old has given up nearly all of her hobbies to focus exclusively on saving the planet.

“I used to play theatre, sing, dance, play an instrument, ride horses, lots of things,” she told the Guardian. But now she spends all her time campaigning for sustainability. “You have to see the bigger perspective.”

Recently, Thunberg capped off 32 hours of train travel to camp in Davos with climate scientists in temperatures that plunged to -18 degrees Celsius.

She traveled to the mountainous area to protest the World Economic Forum (WEF) and urge the gathered world leaders and wealthy attendees to do more to address climate change.

“I ask you to stand on the right side of history,” she said in a video addressto the conference. “I ask you to pledge to do everything in your power to push your own business or government in line with a 1.5C world.”

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