COVID-19 caught the world flat-footed. We must act now, before the next disease outbreak hits, to ensure that we have the data and information needed to respond quickly and prevent it from spreading. As COVID-19 variants continue to drive surges of outbreaks, reliable genomic surveillance capacities will help accelerate timely analysis and inform response measures to keep countries one step ahead of the virus and counter emerging threats in the future.

At The Rockefeller Foundation, we are working alongside a coalition of organizations to build a pandemic prevention institute that will use data insights to help the world contain any potential pandemic threat within 100 days of an outbreak.

We are expanding genomic sequencing and data sharing capacity across the world, collaborating across sectors, and partnering with existing and emerging global surveillance systems to give communities everywhere the tools they need to be effective first-responders in an outbreak.

Achieving a pandemic-free future will require a collaborative approach to develop innovative and impactful solutions – no one actor can do it alone. To do this, The Rockefeller Foundation is working in partnership with a variety of global organizations.

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