Giving Compass' Take:

• MJ Altman at United Nations Foundation spotlights women working at the UN who are delivering progress and carrying out life-saving missions every day.

• How can donors provide stronger support to women-led initiatives?

• Learn about the power of female mentorship and fostering women leaders. 

Kate Gilmore works to safeguard human rights for all people across the globe, including families living in some of the most dangerous and repressive places on earth.

Natalia Kanem helps build a future where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe, and every girl’s potential is fulfilled.

Nahla Valji advises the United Nations Secretary-General on all matters related to gender equality at a crucial moment in the history of the organization and, indeed, the world.

These women are true heroes — or as we like to say, (s)heroes. The Secretary-General has made gender equality — both at the UN and around the world — a key priority. In fact, women make up half of the UN senior management team for the first-time ever.

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