Students need more than a pen and paper to craft an essay or solve a math problem. They also need a desk that physically support their education and creativity.

Many children in developing nations, however, don't have access to desks inside or outside the classroom. Instead, they need to crouch and squeeze their bodies into uncomfortable positions to write, making completing schoolwork difficult.

But a new invention simply called the Letter Desk could help change that. The desk is compact and made of cardboard, making it light enough for children to carry around without a struggle. It's also low-cost and recyclable, making it ideal for children in the developing world.

Lee, a South Korean industrial designer, created the desk after he noticed a need, and was determined to fill it.

While traveling in India a couple of years ago, Lee observed students sitting or squatting on dirt streets, using their legs as a writing surface. Soon after his trip, he started taking a product design course, and was inspired to create a product to help children like the students he met.

That's when he began to conceptualize the Letter Desk, hoping to give students in developing nations access to something simple yet life-changing.

"I [feel] so much satisfaction to design for people who need help," says Letter Desk creator HaYoung Lee. "I have decided to be a designer for the poor and people who live in the third world in the future."

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