Giving Compass' Take:

• Carmen Rojas discusses her vision at The Workers Lab, an organization that helps low-wage workers grow in the best working environments. 

• Rojas discusses the collaborative partnerships she has with foundations and nonprofits to make The Workers Lab mission a success. How is collective impact and investment in partnerships an effective way to drive social progress?

• Read about the importance of creating equitable policies for hourly and part-time workers. 

When asked about The Workers Lab or her vision to improve the lives of working people across the United States, Carmen Rojas’ voice rises in volume and in purpose.

“In September 2014, I was asked to build an organization focused on resourcing leaders from the private, public, and non-profit sectors to imagine and create new ways to build power for working people in the U.S.,” explains Rojas. “This was the genesis of The Workers Lab. When we started there were limited resources supporting experimentation to solve the problems facing working people. The Lab is focused on creating room for leaders to offer new models that presented working people with examples of a fair and just economy.”

Over the last four years, The Workers Lab has helped support partners in all sectors to move forward the mission of a more just environment for workers across industries. For Rojas, her career at The Workers Lab is the culmination of a life’s long mission.

“For more than 20 years, I worked with foundations, financial institutions, and nonprofits to improve the lives of working people across the United States,” notes Rojas. “[Now], we use our resources to invest in leaders and ideas that promise to build power for working people.  Functionally, this means that our primary capital tools are grants and loans.”

Below Rojas expands on The Workers Lab mission to innovate, how they help equip workers with a safety net, and what advice she has for Latinas looking to pursue mission driven work.

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