If you are looking for ways to give back to a local charity and cultivate positive change in your community, then here are three suggestions according to noted philanthropist Johanna Klausen. In recent years Johanna has either attended, volunteered or made in kind donations to Melanoma, The Lung Association- the Jewels of Life Luncheon, Palm Beach Policeman’s Association, Achilles International Veterans Association and Christo Rey Brooklyn High School- Brooklyn School for Children in need, and many others.

  1. Make a Donation While it’s true that charities don’t face the same tax obligations as private corporations, they certainly face overhead and administrative costs — everything from office space to utilities to staff salaries, and the list goes on.   Making a donation helps these vital organizations “keep the lights on” and carry out their essential work in the community.
  2. Volunteer Another extremely impactful — and also very rewarding — way for people to give back to a local charity is by volunteering their time and talents. For example, if they have web design skills, they could help an organization update or overhaul its website, social media pages, and other digital properties, Or if they have training skills, they may be called upon to lead an educational presentation or seminar in the community.
  3. Spread the Word Last but certainly not least, people who want to give back to a local charity can help spread the word — and ideally generate funds — by sending emails, making phone calls, and visiting homes and businesses in the community.

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