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• The author describes the importance for agencies to modernize technology in the public sector, or else employee engagement and constituent support will become more difficult. 

• What are the barriers to acquiring more user-friendly technology? How can donors help with this issue?

• Read about why every local government needs a new operating system.

When the public sector deploys a new technology, it does so to reach a specific set of goals. These goals are often to improve services, increase capacity, or streamline operations. And while these goals are all priorities, it is equally important that agencies also consider the importance of fostering a tech-friendly work environment and investing in their people-resources as one of its most valuable assets.

Consumer technology is advancing at a rapid rate. There are devices in people’s homes that can tell them the weather forecast, book dinner reservations, and control the lights all through the sound of their voice.

In contrast, many technologies in people’s workplaces are unintuitive and do not meet their expectations. Looking at some statistics from The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated can help identify the changes that need to take place to improve the employee experience and make these employees’ jobs easier.

For U.S. industries, 55% of the employees in state and local government feel strongly that outdated processes and technology makes their job more difficult. This was the highest percentage out of all industries surveyed.

here is an undeniable demand for improved technologies from the workforce. The International Data Corporation’s (IDC) recent Digital Transformation (DX) Executive Sentiment Survey of 157 public sector decision makers “indicates that digitally transforming their organization is a priority for 100% of public sector responders. And 59% of respondents indicate that their agency executives are facing pressure/significant pressure to execute a DX strategy.”

Unless agencies continue to modernize and make the digital transformation a priority, meeting the expectations of constituents and employees will become increasingly difficult.

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