Today, I want to share with you a bunch of panel discussions that are being organized for South By Southwest, some by Food Tank and some by other groups we love. And the way the festival selects which panel discussions to feature is through community voting. Voting is open through this Sunday, August 21, so you can select all the panels you’re interested in—not just Food Tank’s panels.

But I’m not telling you about these panels just so you’ll vote for them. The topics I’m sharing with you here are some of the most pressing issues facing our food system, and the experts and advocates speaking about them are the ones truly leading the charge. Even if you’ve never even heard of South By Southwest—keep reading. Bookmark this note and go back to it. Use today’s newsletter as a go-to guide to the food system challenges, innovations, and opportunities we all need to pay attention to.

The separation of food from health. For such a long time, food was an integral part of medical practice—but throughout the modernization of health care, food has been separated. So, the big question is: How can we use food to heal ourselves? Speakers include: Charles Platkin, the executive director of the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center; Mark Hyman, a physician and the founder/director of The UltraWellness Center; and Rupa Marya, who’s an associate professor of medicine at University of California, San Francisco. She’s also so cool—and recently wrote a book with Raj Patel called “Inflamed,” that talks about the overlaps between our health crises and the climate crisis. (Vote for this panel here.)

How legislation can fight food waste. This panel is centered around the Food Donation Improvement Act, which I know you’ve heard me talk a lot about—because it’ll really help incentivize farmers, businesses, and individuals to donate perfectly good food, which would otherwise go to waste, without fear of liability. Speakers include: Folks from WW International, Keep Austin Fed, and Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic; as well as chef Tom Colicchio, who’s a food waste warrior and the owner of Crafted Hospitality.

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