NASSCOM Foundation organized the CSR Leadership Conference in New Delhi. The Opening Plenary Session was on Digital Transformations and Sustainable Development Goals, with senior change makers to deliberate on the ‘what next’ in technology for good.

It was moderated by Ramanan Ramanathan, Mission Director, Atal Innovation Mission who said, “We promote innovation and entrepreneurship along the length and breadth of the country. Atal Innovation Mission is working at a school level, by creating a mindset inductive to innovation. We have Atal Tinkering Labs as well in schools, and these technologies are being provided by the government, so students can learn how this technology can be adapted in line with the Sustainable Development Goals."

Dr. Harsh Vinayak, Senior Vice President, BPO & Shared Services, NTT DATA, said, “We will talk about how technology can be harnessed for change and development in the CSR front. To talk about whether technology has an everlasting effect is to question history. When seemingly insurmountable problems have come forth in the world, technology has helped. Technology is not necessarily digital technology, technology has always been there. We are in the digital or data age, so we can use data in the right way to create impact."

Giving back is the core, and technology accelerates it.

"I think we need a world where no one is left behind”. He also added, “When one doesn’t have access to these digital tools, then you don’t have access to opportunity, and then there’s a wide gap in society. Technology can play a role in bringing out the change in society. We believe that by bringing technology to some of the entities with solutions, IoT, AI, and learning, development can take place."

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