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· Language arts and social studies teacher Daniel Bailey suggests providing teachers with an evaluation period before mapping the term's curriculum to ensure a productive year. Bailey also believes schools should employ an "open door policy" so educators always have the opportunity to bring about their new ideas.

· Why is it important to keep teachers involved with curriculum development? 

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Curriculum development is one of the most time-consuming responsibilities for every educator. Creating a classroom learning experience that is engaging while covering the educational needs of all students is a demanding endeavor. In addition to creating effective lessons, teachers must also work closely with curriculum and academic offices at the district level and at their individual school sites to ensure they’re following both district guidelines and state standards.

But checking off those boxes can sometimes stymie a teacher eager to bring out-of-the-box methods and elements into their classroom, whether that’s virtual reality goggles, drones, a specific app that isn’t yet approved, or even an Amazon Echo that may bring up privacy concerns. Educatorswho enjoy playing in the digital sandbox and trying new technologies, however, may actually understand better than their school and district leaders the educational value of bringing these tools into the classroom.

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