Giving Compass' Take:

• Travis Pillow writes about a new approach to education funding: Rather than states and local governments allocating funding to specific public schools, students themselves would receive funding based on their needs and circumstances.

• How are other inequality factors in the educational field being addressed? How can donors advance education reform? 

• According to this article, our education funding system is broken. Here's how we can fix it.

In a more nimble public education system, all students would have equitable access to learning opportunities during the summer, outside the normal school day, and beyond the school walls. Students would also have access to these learning opportunities, supplemental support, and postsecondary education opportunities later in life. And students from special populations — those who are gifted and low-income, those with disabilities, those who are not native English speakers or who lack stable home environments — would have access to educational programs tailored to their circumstances.

Those ideas are covered in greater depth by other essays in this collection. One policy could help enable all of them: personalized education funding.

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