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• Karen Tiber Leland, writing for Entrepreneur, interviewed Kunal Sood, founder, and chairman of Novus Summit on how to make an impact as a global citizen and entrepreneur. 

• Who are some examples of successful social entrepreneurs in global development?  

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On a recent Thought Talk podcast episode, I interviewed Kunal Sood. Sood is the founder and chairman of Novus Summit (launched at the United Nations General Assembly Hall). As a keynote speaker, he has presented at TED, SXSW, Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg, the United Nations General Assembly and the White House.

I interviewed Sood about his work as a social entrepreneur, philanthropic leader and impact investor, where he empowers entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world to turn their dreams into reality. Here's what entrepreneurs can learn from his vast experience.

Leland: Given the work you do on social impact with world leaders, what have you learned about what drives real-world solutions?

Sood: My work with world leaders is primarily about building extraordinary citizens. The men and women shaping the future of our planet can find common ground around solving our global grand challenges. When faced with seemingly impossible odds, this is what most energizes them. I'm inspired by an inner drive to be a force for good in the world -- and in my experience, real world leaders are the same.

All my experience, from the slums in Mumbai to building global movements at the United Nations Global Assembly in New York, has taught me that real-world impact starts with inner transformation.

What is the power of a good story? How do entrepreneurs leverage this in a way that creates significant contribution?

Human beings by nature are drawn to stories: the deeper the hero's journey and adversity, the more powerful the narrative -- especially when they find the wherewithal to rise above.

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