Giving Compass' Take:

· Despite claims of sabotage from Democrats, a new report from the White House shows that changes made to ObamaCare under the Trump administration have been beneficial to healthcare.

· What else does this report show? What changes have been made to ObamaCare that raise concerns?

· Here's more on the changes made to ObamaCare under the Trump administration.

A new report from the White House argues that the Trump administration’s changes to ObamaCare have been beneficial to the health care marketplace, pushing back on claims of sabotage from Democrats.

The report released Friday by the White House Council of Economic Advisors argues that GOP actions — including the elimination of the law’s individual mandate — do not “sabotage” the law.

The report comes as Democrats have taken control of the House with a promise to investigate the administration’s rhetoric and actions and to pass legislation protecting the law.

The administration has slashed advertising and outreach for the law, reduced the sign-up period and has promoted a series of policies that advocates say could siphon healthy people off the exchanges.

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