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• Residents of Skibbereen in Ireland fear the industrial facility would foul their air and water while adding to ocean plastic pollution. The plant is part of a global plastic factory-building boom driven by cheap natural gas.

• How can we get government and people alike to stop plastic pollution, both overseas and here in the U.S.? What are the most effective solutions to reducing our carbon footprint?

Here's more on the ways donors can make an impact when it comes to reducing plastic in our oceans.

A wave of governments has moved to ban single-use plastics, actions that reflect a growing awareness of the ocean plastic pollution crisis.

But residents fighting a proposed plastic factory in Ireland say governments should also take a harder look at pollution coming from facilities that manufacture plastic and that are a source of marine litter.

Since 2017, residents of Skibbereen have been trying to stop plans to open a plastic-pellet manufacturing plant in their town of 2,500 people. They say the facility, proposed by the United States-based RTP Company, would pollute the air and water, harm their quality of life and threaten the local marine-based economy, which includes fishing and a top whale-watching destination. The residents also link their opposition to the European Union’s new plastic reduction strategy, adopted in January.

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