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· The author addresses the common misperception that artificial intelligence does not understand human emotion and explains that this technology has already made impressive advancements to engage with and understand emotions and social interactions.

· How can donors support research into advancing artificial intelligence? How is artificial intelligence being introduced to society?

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You’ve heard that computers don’t understand human emotions well, so people should focus less on basic skills and more on social and emotional learning. It’s a prevalent narrative but it just isn’t true anymore.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is actually already brilliant at understanding and engaging (even manipulating) people’s emotions and social interactions in powerful ways.

Facebook is a giant social and emotional learning engine. Facebook has many of your emotional memories (your photos and videos), it knows who you care about socially (your friends that you interact with), and it knows what you prefer (by what you “like”). It brings these three things together at an incredible scale to decide what goes into your feeds to engage you both socially and emotionally.  Exhibit one is the personalized movie of 2018 memories you received last week. The AI engine knew to prioritize kids, meals with friends you interact with a lot and sunsets to engage your emotions and keep your attention.  Judging by the hours and hours that over a billion people spend on Facebook, it does a pretty good job of engaging people’s emotions!

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