Evaluation 2018

Host Organization: American Evaluation Association


2018 marks the American Evaluation Association’s (AEA) 32nd Annual Conference. Taking place on October 31-November 3 in Cleveland, Ohio, Evaluation 2018 brings together evaluators, evaluation scholars, students, and evaluation users from around the world are invited to assemble, share, and learn from the successes of the international discipline and practice of evaluation.

No matter your skill level, Evaluation 2018 will provide the opportunity to be involved in the shared experience through a variety of presentations and learning formats.

Birds of a Feather Gatherings:  Also known as idea exchanges or networking tables, are relatively small and informal discussion-based gatherings, aimed at building networks and exploring ideas.

Demonstrations: Formal 45- or 90-minute presentations that show how to use or apply an evaluation concept or tool.

Expert Lecture: Formal 45-minute presentations by a single expert in the field.

Ignite Presentations: These fast-paced presentations use 20 PowerPoint slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds for a total presentation time of just 5 minutes.

Multi-paper Sessions:  Three or more paper presentations on a common theme. Each paper presenter will have approximately 15 minutes to present and discuss the key points of their work.

Panel: This formal, thematic, 45- or 90-minute presentation focuses on an issue facing the field of evaluation.

Roundtables:  45-minute oral presentations, which typically include 15 minutes of presentation, followed by 30 minutes of discussion and feedback.

Skill-Building Workshop: Workshops teach a specific skill needed by many evaluators and include one or more exercises that let attendees practice the skill.

Think Tank:  45- or 90-minute session focusing on a single issue or question. Attendees break into small groups to explore the issue or question and reconvene to share their understanding through a discussion.

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