Funder Roundtable: Supporting a Culture of Consent in Our Grantee Organizations

Host Organization: New York Women's Foundation, North Star Fund, Scherman Foundation, and Philanthropy New York


In the era of #MeToo, funders increasingly want to support their grantees to proactively create cultures of respect and consent in their organizations, and respond appropriately when allegations of sexual harassment arise within their grantee communities.

Often, we are not sure how involved to be when high profile accusations of harassment arise, and how to support our grantees to navigate complex dynamics of race, class, sexuallity, and organizational politics that can accompany difficult dynamics around gender and consent. And we are not sure how to raise these issues proactively with our grantees while still practicing trust-based philanthropy.

Join this roundtable conversation of social justice funders to talk with your peers about our experiences, questions we are asking ourselves, and ways we can support each other and our grantees, both when issues arise and more broadly.


  • Share ideas and existing practices (with both positive or challenging results) around how funders can proactively support a culture of respect and consent, including what to do when you learn of sexual harassment allegations at a grantee organization
  • Share questions you are asking yourself, as a funder, as these situations come up in your work and how you are thinking about them
  • Brainstorm how to support grantees to create organizational and social justice movement culture that supports safety and supports the leadership of women, transgender, and gender non-conforming people


  • Jaime-Jin Lewis, racial equity activist and educator and nonprofit organizational strategist

Designed for

  • Social justice funders

8:45 - 9:00 AM  Check-in
9:00 - 11:00 AM  Program

Registration is required by October 1.

Members: To register yourself and/or a colleague at your organization, please log in and click the Register Now link above. (no fee)

Non-Member Funders: Please email register@philanthropynewyork.org with your name, title and organiztaional affilitaiton ($150 fee). If you are a guest of an organizer, please indicate which organizer you were invited. (no fee)


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