Justice, Giving & Politics: Exploring relationships between giving circles and today’s movements for social justice

Host Organization:  Philanthropy Together and Social Justice Giving Circle Project


Whether it’s the uprisings following the murder of George Floyd this summer, or the inequalities exposed and exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the call for social justice is urgent, and giving circles must play a role in answering it.

Join us on Tuesday, Dec. 15 at 2PM Pacific / 5PM Eastern for a first and grounding conversation of a two-part series with leaders across movements. Through the conversation, we'll discuss what today's social justice movements look like, what they ask of all of us, both collectively and individually, and, finally, offer a series of questions for us to consider regarding the right relationship between social justice and giving circles.

This virtual event is for anyone in a giving circle, or considering starting one, and who is interested in the following questions:

  • What makes social justice necessary? And why have social justice movements been so powerful in shaping history?
  • What does social justice ask of us as individuals, and us collectively, that make movements so compelling?
  • For today’s giving circles, what possibilities exist for our greatest contributions and most generative relationships with social justice movements?
  • What should giving circles know and practice as they seek to get involved in social justice movements?

Whether you are new to these questions, or have been pondering them for a long time, we invite you to join us for a robust conversation with these inspiring activists:

This event is hosted by Philanthropy Together in partnership with the Social Justice Giving Circle Project to build a framework for giving circles that want to do more to uphold social justice values, and to be accountable to social justice movement leaders. More information on how your giving circle can get involved with this new project will be available soon.

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