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We are a coalition of NGOs, academics, activists, women’s rights defenders, journalists, artists, filmmakers and peacebuilders. We are working to get our Afghan colleagues and families, who are under direct threat from the Taliban, to safety. They have worked to bring peace to Afghanistan over the last 20 years, have fought for the rights of all Afghans, and especially women, girls and minority groups in direct opposition to the Taliban. They now come to us for help because nobody came for them.

Our colleagues are growing increasingly desperate and anxious about their safety due to their highly visible work on sensitive projects. Some are targeted due to the nature of their work, including the promotion of women’s rights and gender equality, some due to their work being funded by Western governments and many simply because of their gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity.

We are also working to support Afghans that have been able to flee or have arrived in host or transit countries. They are in unfamiliar places, may not speak the local language, and have few if any resources. Many of them have young families and are struggling to process the events over the past weeks and the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

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ICAN promotes inclusive and sustainable peace in countries affected by violent conflict, extremism, militarism, and closing political space. Recognizing the gendered impact of conflict and the critical role of women peacebuilders.

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