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According to national authorities, more than 368,000 people have fled Ukraine since the Putin-led invasion of Ukraine, home to 44 million, on 23rd February. (Correct as of 28/02/22).

This is the potential beginning of another major refugee crisis. This invasion will be the most significant military action in Europe in decades and raises fears of the forced displacement of millions of people. Through our partners and friends in Syria we have seen what Putin is capable of and the impact this has on civilians- families, children. We have seen what happens when the world does not do enough.

We stand with people in and fleeing Ukraine during this devastating moment in history.

With your donations we’ll be supporting projects (that meet our criteria) who are providing vital aid and services to those still in and fleeing the country, including: emergency medical care, food, shelter, clothes, legal support, support for the LGBTQIA+ community and mental health support.

It’s easy to feel helpless in moments like this, but we ask you to respond with love in the face of such calculated and cruel aggression. Please give what you can to this urgent appeal, and please also share this fundraiser as widely as you can.

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About the Host

Support refugees, asylum seekers and those who have been internally displaced, primarily through an international, cross-sector network of predominantly locally-led projects; advocate for the rights of these persons through promoting awareness of the plight of those fleeing war, persecution and the effects of climate change across the world.

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