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We are now at a crucial moment. The coming together of the pandemic, economic, and racial crises is our once-in-a-generation chance to profoundly transform the economy. We are no longer just focused on rapid response, but are now setting our sights on systems change and the ways we can accelerate shared, longstanding goals by leveraging the unique opportunities in this economic recovery period. Through our fund, we strive towards two critical long term impact goals.

The first is Recover Up. An initiative to deliver job pathways that enable economic security and mobility. Through Recover Up, we will deliver jobs that enable economic security and mobility for struggling workers, and leverage new federal and employer investments to hopefully propel unprecedented scale.

The second is 21st Century Benefits. Its goal is to help repair and reimagine the public benefits system so that it better enables families to stay afloat and recover from crises — with an initial focus on unemployment insurance.

Whether you’re a grantseeker or a prospective funder, if our goals resonate with you, then please get in touch.

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