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The Southern Women's Fund (FMS) is a foundation that mobilizes resources and provides financial, technical, and political support to organizations that promote women's rights, identities, and diverse sexualities in Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Since 2017, he has also coordinated a regional outreach program –Liderando desde el Sur– in Latin America and the Caribbean.

It was founded on October 12, 2007 by six renowned feminists, as part of the struggle of the women's movement at a regional and international level, which had already reached the formation of other women's funds in various parts of the world.

From the FMS, we support initiatives of grassroots groups, organizations and networks of women, identities and diverse sexualities that work to achieve transformative results towards gender, ethnic-racial and social justice. Our task aims to strengthen the women's, feminist and LGBTIQ+ movements from founding principles such as human rights, democracy, intersectionality, feminisms from the south, enjoyment and joy.

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