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Hawaiʻi Peopleʻs Fund has helped to support, build capacity, and amplify the impact of grassroots social change movements in Hawaiʻi since 1972.

No other organization specifically addresses the needs of grassroots progressive movement building in Hawaiʻi. As the only intermediary organization in Hawaiʻi working with this constituency from a social justice perspective, we strive to be a model for progressive social change and a viable resource for a strong and enduring movement in the islands.

Hawai‘i People’s Fund supports passionate, grassroots community groups working for social justice in Hawai‘i. These groups are often considered too small, too new, or too controversial by traditional funding organizations. We are dedicated to the most creative, passionate, and radical visions of community, bravely navigating the intersections of indigeneity, environment, race, class, labor, gender, art, technology, mental health, incarceration, food, and other crucial issues we face.

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Our mission to support, fund, and amplify the work of Hawaiʻi-based grassroots organizations challenging systems of oppression through a unique intersectional approach to social change manifested beautifully in this year’s grantee cohort, hitting injustice in Hawaiʻi from all angles across 5 islands and multiple issue areas.

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