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We have set up this fund to provide support to artists and women/girls who are at risk inside Afghanistan or have managed to relocate outside of the country. We know that it is the people on the ground that best know how to use the money, therefore we will offer organizations general operating funds. We anticipate making grants at a minimum of $25,000 to five to seven organizations (depending on total amounts of funds raised) that:

• use arts to empower women and/or young girls in Afghanistan;

• focus on artisans, artists, and freedom of expression in Afghanistan;

• provide support to artists (and contingent on additional funds, women activists) who have sought refuge in countries outside of Afghanistan;

• operate with smaller budgets than the large mainstream aid agencies, and are likely to be overlooked and underfunded. We anticipate that these funds will be used to: • support to artisans/artists and women/girls as they go underground; • help individuals escape the country; • support individuals who have escaped; • provide safety and lifesaving resources for the immediate community.

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We are an agile philanthropic organization invested in democratized, collaborative, and strategic grantmaking that aligns donors and projects for meaningful impact. We ignite creative ideas for moving money, elevating trust-based, people-powered giving models and participatory decision-making practices. We create new grantmaking methods that democratize the flow of money, discover and support projects that are often overlooked by mainstream philanthropy, and share resources that are by and for the community.

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The Kindle Project

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  • Location: Oakland, CA, USA
  • Category: Middle East and Central Asia, Immigrants and Refugees, Human Rights (Other)
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