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Launched in 1999, the Lillian Fund is a giving circle of women who share a powerful vision: a world in which all women and children have equal opportunity for professional and personal achievement. They support this vision by funding children’s arts and education programs, domestic violence services, mental health counseling and job training, to name a few.

Members view philanthropy through a lens of Jewish values and gender equality, while expanding their impact and deepening their understanding of the community.

The Lillian Fund honors the accomplishments of Lillian D. Wald, z”l, a Jewish woman and a founding member of the NAACP, who dedicated her life’s work to advocating for women’s issues, child welfare reform, public health issues and world peace.

Recents grants from the Lillian Fund support numerous nonprofits in Greater Hartford and in Israel.

Gifts to the Lillian Fund of all sizes are appreciated. With an annual gift of $100 or more, you can vote on the annual Lillian Fund project. You may also transfer your vote to another woman in your life, such as your mother, sister or daughter.

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The Jewish Community Foundation strengthens and protects Greater Hartford’s Jewish community by building a permanent pool of charitable dollars provided by generous donors who share our vision of a strong, resilient, creative and joyous community for generations to come. Guided by Jewish values, we assist donors in structuring charitable gifts, building legacies, facilitating personalized philanthropy, helping our partners establish a culture of endowment giving, and distributing community grants to a broad range of programs and institutions.

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