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The Movement Infrastructure Fund invests in bold visions that are often overlooked and underfunded. Supporting work that is led by those most impacted by injustice, the Movement Infrastructure Fund invests in movements that work to dismantle and disrupt extractive, exploitative, and oppressive systems.

In 2021, Solidaire is interested in movement infrastructure proposals that support resistance through systems and tools, as well as proposals that build transformative futures through agency and scale. Examples include:

-starting or expanding a community-owned broadband initiative;
-building out communications tools or staff to advance narrative or culture change;
-intervening on cases against corporations or the government with progressive legal assistance;
-expanding organizers in rural places;
-security training and equipment purchases; or
-campaigns for local housing solutions.

We seek imaginative, creative solutions that lift human dignity and agency. We believe there is no shortage of grassroots genius, innovation and agency. What is missing is the right investment in the long-term infrastructure that movements need to win.

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About the Host

Born out of a need to fight against corporate greed, economic inequality, climate change, gender and racial injustice, and anti-Blackness, Solidaire Network is a community of donor organizers who mobilize quickly to get critical resources and unprecedented amounts of solidarity to the frontlines of social justice movements.

We hold a collective vision of radical giving that invites donors to transform ourselves and our own relationship to power and wealth.

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