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Opportunity Fund’s Small Business Relief Fund aims to raise support for small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 crisis — especially those run by women, people of color and immigrants. The Small Business Relief Fund provides relief to struggling self-employed and small business owners. We must step in as a source of stability for small businesses and self-employed individuals throughout this crisis.

How your support for Opportunity Fund’s Small Business Relief Fund Will Help Small Business Owners:

1. Loan Payment Relief: Affected businesses can skip a payment on their loan for up to three months. The payment will either be forgiven entirely or tacked onto the end of the loan, depending on how well the business is situated to bounce back.

2. Affordable Capital: Borrowers in need of capital can access funding, ensuring businesses avoid taking on high-interest debt from unscrupulous lenders that may be preying upon small businesses right now.

3. Expert Advice: Business owners navigating uncharted waters can receive free, expert technical assistance to restructure debt, financial and tax advice, marketing strategies, legal support, and human resource and layoff aversion support.

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About the Host

In 1994, Eric Weaver, founder of Opportunity Fund, was an MBA graduate from the Stanford School of Business. Post-graduation, the perfect job eluded him. He was passionate about economic justice. Today, Opportunity Fund continues to drive economic mobility, fostering entrepreneurship, hard work, and ideas. Together, we are building a diverse, vibrant community where opportunity, knowledge, and access to capital are within reach.

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