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The Restorative Justice Project at Impact Justice is the only national technical assistance and training project that partners with communities across the nation to address harm using pre-charge restorative justice diversion programs. The combination of powerful movements, political advocacy, and decades of incremental justice reforms have pushed national conversations to move away from punitive criminal legal system responses and closer to healing and wellbeing. Now more than ever, there is a need to invest in community-held alternatives that can hold and address harms, build accountability, and promote a restorative path forward.

At this critical time in our country, the Restorative Justice Project is working to shift the paradigm from seeing crime as a violation of the law to understanding crime as harm that requires individual, interpersonal, community, and system-wide accountability and healing. Through our approach of restorative justice diversion, survivors have a voice in their healing process and people who have caused harm are accountable for the harm they’ve caused without being pushed into the juvenile or criminal legal systems.

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Impact Justice is a national innovation and research center advancing new ideas and solutions for justice reform. Impact Justice was founded in 2015 on an idea: to create an organization that would imagine, innovate, and accept absolutely nothing about the status quo of our current justice system.

We know the problems: too many people locked up, including far too many people of color; families broken up and broken by our justice system; and a culture that too often treats people based on fear, oppression, and bias. For us to build the future we need, we must build the world we want today.

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