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Ukraine is now fighting for its freedom, democracy, as well as the fundamental values, and principles of the entire Western civilization. Brave Ukrainian men and women are fighting on the frontlines against Russian aggression. Ukrainian civilians are holding strong for their country.

Revived Soldiers Ukraine has joined this fight and is currently working on delivering medical equipment, supplies, medications and other humanitarian aid. We use our developed logistical network in the USA and Ukraine to deliver everything that is needed, where it is needed, in the shortest possible time. We are providing immediate help to the Ukrainian people. Help us, join the fight now!

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The mission of Revived Soldiers Ukraine RSU is to provide aid to the people of Ukraine so that they may fulfill fundamental rights and freedoms such as right to life, right to appropriate and affordable medical care, freedom of belief and freedom for an adequate standard of living. RSU helps soldiers wounded in Ukraine with medical treatment, including surgeries, prosthetics and medical supplies. RSU Hosted several fundraising events and raised close to $40,000 in donations. The organization was able to bring 13 wounded soldiers from Ukraine to the U.S. for various surgeries and rehabilitation. Also, RSU helped 41 soldiers in Ukraine with their medical needs.

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