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African visionaries are achieving remarkable impact by partnering with communities to build accessible health infrastructure, inclusive education systems, strong local economies, and equitable societies. But grant-making is often biased and unjust. Foreign-led organizations in Africa still receive the bulk of funding at the expense of local organizations. Proximity matters in improving lives. African visionaries are best positioned to deliver impact because they live, go to school, access healthcare, and are deeply rooted in the communities they serve—they understand them, know what works and what doesn’t and can collaborate with them to design creative and cost-effective interventions.

By trusting these visionaries with catalytic, unrestricted funding, we are propelling their impactful solutions even further as they drive systems change and transform development across the continent.

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About the Host

Since the opening of its offices in New York City in 2002, the King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS) has served as a knowledgeable bridge between American donors and nonprofit organizations overseas.

We work with individuals, families, corporations and foundations, and help them support their favorite causes across the globe – whether it’s a children’s hospital in Egypt, a research institute in Belgium, a business school in Kenya, or an art museum in Italy.

KBFUS is a ‘philanthropy architect’ – we craft personalized solutions for one-time gifts, recurring donations through Donor Advised Funds, planned giving with Legacy Funds, and gifts of artworks to museums overseas.

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