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We live in an era of new perils.
Humanity faces existential risks, including war between great powers, natural and engineered pandemics, thermonuclear war, threats from advanced artificial intelligence (AI), and frontier military technologies.

These global catastrophic risks have the potential to kill hundreds of millions, even billions, of people alive today.
We can come together – scientists, policymakers, engineers, military leaders, and motivated citizens – to mitigate these risks. It's happened before. During the Cold War, political leaders negotiated to reduce stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. At the turn of the millennium, scientists tracked large asteroids and comets in Earth’s vicinity. Today, countries are working together on global preparedness for the next pandemic disease.

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About the Host

We believe entrepreneurs are uniquely placed to transform the world, today and in the future, by using their skills, networks, and resources to tackle huge, seemingly insurmountable problems. However, they often lack the time, tools, or knowledge to direct their charitable giving where it will do the most good.

Founders Pledge exists to bridge this gap. We advise on, facilitate, and maximize the impact of our members’ giving.

In our vision of the future, the value created by technology benefits those who need it most.

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